Kütahya is a mystery.

Kütahya keeps thousands of patterns beneath its land, just like the glazes on tiles… This fertile land of Anatolia, with its underground and surface, is full of mysteries waiting to be discovered. Kütahya is “the mystery” that looks for to be known and solved. 
That’s why this Project of "Kütahya360" aims at giving the necessary clues to solve this mystery, being the guide on the way to the city’s mysterious universe and setting light to this city that has huge secrets (and glazes).  
Under the leadership of Kütahya Governorate, "Kütahya 360 Project" is materialized by the Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate along with the support of Zafer Development Agency. It targets to introduce Kütahya in all by following a method synthesizing the modern understandings of history, informatics and visual arts.   With this project, the MRI of all mysteries (or all glazed texture) existing in the capillaries of Kütahya’s historical, cultural and architectural richness is to be done. All cultural and natural immovable are registered by means of innovative video technology and visual media applications comprised of panoramic photographs that give the impression of 3-dimension depth.  Kütahya 360 Project, along with its 3500 schemes and approximately 310.000 processed photo frames, is the world’s biggest virtual visualization work done within the scope of an urban renewal.
The web-site on where 360 interactive content is published is designed with advanced web modules and components. It has an intelligent design and it is user-friendly.  It can adapt itself according to the user’s operating system and screen resolution. Besides, it can interactively work in compliance with mobile platforms and social media networks. On a virtual tour, the user is able to see simultaneously the place’s global position and direction he/she searches for on Google map Moreover, some panoramic frames are integrated with Google Earth software and this helps to attract more visitors to access the project on global scale. The aerial panoramic views appearing in the web site allow visitors to see Kütahya up from the air. With 360 panoramic video views, it is possible for visitors to travel on the main ways of the city as if they are there at that moment. The detailed panoramic views that provide telescopic sight and zooming with high resolution allow visitors to see the city centers in details, as well. The Project, by means of its technological features, helps to present the role of cultural, artistic and informatics technology in an entertaining way to create historical consciousness and raise awareness. It provides an easily accessible virtual travel guide, just like other ordinary guides.  The Project is guiding people with its capacity to combine visual and literal content together. It allows large masses, in fact ever-mounting billions of people to reach to the Project’s content on internet. 
This massive accumulation visualized by means of Kütahya 360 Project is now witnessing the historical, social and artistic adventure and the mystery that Kütahya has been keeping so far.

Kenan CIFTCI - The Governor of Kutahya
Zulkarni YELDEMEZ - The Project Owner in behalf of  The Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate  
Metin SELCUK - The Coordinator - Lieutenant Governor
Metin TURKTUZUN - The Director of Kutahya Museum - Vice Coordinator

Brain Trust :

Emine TUMBULOGLU - Deputy Manager of The Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate  
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Levent MERCIN - Faculty of Fine Arts of Dumlupinar University
Assistant Prof. Dr. Eyup GULBANDILAR - Faculty of Fine Arts of Dumlupinar University
Seher A. DUGAN - Art Historian - Kutahya Museum Directorate
Tugba B. SIMSEK - Archaeologist -  Kutahya Museum Directorate

Participants :

Ugur SOYLU - Accountant of The Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate
Huseyin Murat CELIKER - Logo Designer


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